Shaun's A Ninja

Yes, it's true. Kid Koala was invited by director Edgar Wright to contribute to the soundtrack for his forthcoming romzomcom 'Shaun Of The Dead'. The highly respected director of cult C4 series 'Spaced' has a passion for music and an unerring dedication to this side of his work. You can get hold of Kid Koala's exclusive remix on the forthcoming 'Shaun of the Dead' soundtrack compilation out April 12th. The film's lead character Shaun, is a bit of a serious collector of Ninja posters, the sad git. His house is full of everything from tour posters to Funki Porcini's awesome 'Fast Asleep' limited edition. See what you can spot. The one who gets the most will be beaten up by the other children in the class...'Shaun Of The Dead' is out April 9th.