Solid Steel Radio 07-01-14 - The Gaslamp Killer, DK, Tom Lea

In Hour 1 we welcome The Gaslamp Killer to start off the show. It's a mix of some of GLK's favourite current alternative groups specialising in the dark psychedelic side of rock and the harder edged beat music that he loves so much. Plus a couple of world psych classics in the middle, from fast to slow around we go, always a narrative journey with GLK.

DK continues with the beautiful collaboration between Debruit & Alsarah and onto the new Mount Kimbie remix for Kelis on Ninja Tune and the current single by FaltyDL. Then it's a track from the Actress album Ghettoville and into the dub mix of classic 80's Boogie from Barbara Fowler, before ending with Cottam and Instra:mental from the last few years.

In Hour 2 it's Tom Lea, head of the excellent Local Action Records who've released music by DJ Q, Slackk, T. Williams, Throwing Snow and more. It's a heavy, heavy selection with music from Inkke, Major Grave, Moleskin, Finn and Dark0. Remix duties come from DJ Sliink, DJ Blake, Rabit and Morcee, plus music from previous guest Visionist alongside Saga and loads of new dubs in there.