Solid Steel Radio 13-09-13 - London Elektricity, DJ Food

We welcome London Elektricity to the show having appeared 4 times from '99 to 2002 and as always, we asked for something a little different.

Here in his own words; "I'm known for being a d&b DJ who leans towards the eccentric side, so here's a mix that represents the weird and wonderful music that keeps me from falling asleep whilst driving home from a night club. Most of these records were blind purchases - or should that be deaf purchases - I bought the records on the strength of the artwork alone, usually featuring improbably large breasted and frankly weird looking women silhouetted against a backdrop of Hawaii.

This is music to perhaps help you dream of summer, or maybe to prepare you for your own demise. That not withstanding remember this: I know what it is to be young, but you, you don't know what it is to be old."

Strictly Kev takes the second hour into deep, dark, synth territory with a mix called 'Out of the Future'. Whether it be the vintage kind practiced by Benge, The Simonsound, Sinoia Caves or Gary Numan or more contemporary sounds like Four Tet, Scanone or Waves On Canvas. The Mood Is Mellow, Cosmic and Space is Definitely the Place.

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