Solid Steel Radio 16-08-13 - Mister Sushi, Coldcut, DJ Vadim, DK

It's a somewhat laid back affair this week as Mister Sushi starts the show with a Kraftwerk inspired track from Death in Vegas, Lusine with a track from earlier this year, Ghosting Season, Richard D James in full Acid mode and ending his set with Godspeed You Black Emperor!

Jon More from Coldcut continues in this mood with Future 3, Mara Carlyle, Rothko and Super Furry Animals, before switching to the soulful strains of Maxine Brown and the Folk sounds of Peggy Seeger.

Then it's Vashti Bunyan, Susuma Yokota from Japan, Mouth Music and finishing with the epic "Inner City Life" by Goldie.

DJ Vadim enters the 25th Anniversary slot and his history with the show dates back to 1996 when he was a guest on Solid Steel at Kiss FM. He has appeared many times since and with this mix he goes way back.

In his own words; "THIS is a little bit different in that I don't play '50s music all the time but I wanted to connect a few dots. Ninja is one of those labels that has inadvertently inspired and created so many musical fusions, which in turn have resulted in sub genres and new genres... and in that way I wanted to show how musical pioneers like Ray Charles laid the path combing elements never mixed before to create a musical revolution, and how that has in a small way evolved to where we are today. And I thought, as it's Solid Steel's 25th anniversary, it makes perfect sense!".

DK finishes up the show with Quantic and his take on the Lauryn Hill classic "That Thing", plus more latin and Brazilians bombs from Jayme Marques, Som Tres and Tempo 70, ending with the sublime Christian Prommer version of "Strings of Life".