Solid Steel Radio 18-10-13 - Tom Middleton, Joe Muggs, Richie Rundle, Hexstatic

This week's first hour is mixed and compiled by Tom Middleton with Richie Rundle and Joe Muggs, giving us 'The Sound Of The Cosmos'.

SOTC as a living movement began in earnest with a 1000-capacity tent at the Big Chill in 2011, where the legendary Tom Middleton hooked up with music journalist Joe Muggs and West Country acid house veteran Richie Rundle to put together a lineup that connected the new bass generation with the kind of celestial exploration that Tom has indulged with for over two decades now.

This developed into more gigs and now a label which they showcase in this mix with music from Primitive Eskimo, Blacksmif, Sapience and Silkie, Distal & Mite from the forthcoming EP. This sits alongside a stellar cast including Vangelis, Pearson Sound, Moody Boyz and John Barry for a truly cosmic mix.

Robin Hexstatic is in Hour 2 this week with a bass heavy selection and celebrating the release of 2 tracks from his new RobHex project. Starting with some lovely remixes from the likes of Psychemagik and Cause and Effect,..there’s also the pounding Robert Babicz remix of Hardfloor’s classic acid anthem.

The first of two RobHex tracks and into a fresh new track from the ever brilliant DJ Zinc. Phuture and Bart B More bring the heavy acid and into a bouncing remix of "Au Seve" from The Stantons and classic cut up vocals from Taches. A bassline remix of DJ Kentaro leads to the classically relentless "La Mouche" from Cassius,..and on into another new RobHex track. We finish with a double header of reggae infused breakbeat heavies from 601 ft Ragga Twins and Congo Natty.