Solid Steel Radio 21/10/2011 - Robin Hexstatic, Nick Brennan

Yet another AV mix for you on Solid Steel, once again giving you the opportunity to check out the show in 3 different formats. You can listen to the Audio mix through Soundcloud as normal or you can watch the AV mix on Solid Steel through Vimeo, plus you can also download the Video Podcast from the Solid Steel page in iTunes.

Solid Steel Radio Show 21/10/2011 Part 1 + 2 - Hexstatic by Ninja Tune

Nearly 3 years after kick-starting the now regular and pioneering video mixes for Solid Steel, Robin Hexstatic returns with a 'Solid Reel' sequel. Focusing on tracks with videos as strong as the accompanying audio, the mix smoothly blends it's way through a myriad of musical genres, pleasuring the eyes and ears in equal measure. From Ramadanman to the White Stripes, Darwin Deez to Kid Cudi, there's no disco wallpaper here...well, maybe a bit. Of course you get special extras, video edits and remixes as only Solid Steel regulars know how...some available for download along with this mix. So sit back, relax…or get up and dance…as we present 'Solid Reel 2'.

Solid Steel Radio Show 21/10/2011 Part 3 + 4 - Nick Brennan by Ninja Tune

The second hour comes courtesy of Nick Brennan, who is also known as Tripswitch and Codemonkey, as well as running Section Records. It’s straight in with DnB from Seba & Alaska and into The KLF, Indidginus and sweetly mixed into Rolf Harris!! We also get tracks from Brookes Brothers, music from Hawaii, classic Grace Jones and productions from the man himself as Tripswitch.