Solid Steel Radio 25/01/2013 - Coldcut, Kirk Degiorgio

Solid Steel (25th January) Coldcut return this week and straight in with classic British soul from Family Stand and Soul II Soul and no let up with Roy Ayers, Linda Clifford and Inner Life with the glorious 'Moment of my life'. Then it's another soulful gem from Billy Byrd before moving into Detroit with Carl Davis on Planet E and continue in that zone with a Carl Craig remix for Spacetime Continuum and Carl Craig himself with the track 'Timing'.

Our guest for the 25th Anniversary slot in Hour 2 is Kirk Degiorgio, well known for his own Techno productions, he also covers a wide spectrum of musical styles especially with his own taste in music. We ask our guests for something different and following his last appearance on Solid Steel in 2005, he returns with a beautiful Ambient mix titled "A Beatless Planet". We suggest headphones firmly in place and somewhere to relax as we drift through music from Gil Melle, Roy Budd, Kraftwerk, Piero Piccioni and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This is just the first hour and we will be back with the second half later in the year.