Solid Steel Radio 27-09-13 - DK, Machinedrum

DK opens hour 1 of this week's Solid Steel show with new music from Cid Rim and Four Tet, a track from his forthcoming album Beautiful Rewind. Mark Pritchard storms in with "1,2,3,4" alongside the Ragga Twins, giving an authentic nod to 90's rave, and that continues with two from Tessela and the Champion remix of "Kool FM" by Four Tet. We drop down with Baishe Kings and Dobie, both on Big Dada and then on to a trio of heavy jazz hitters from Harold McKinney, Stone Alliance and Doug Carn. Then it's two off the excellent Fulgeance album, new Technicolour signing Samuel, classic house from the recent Trax retrospective and 80's boogie from Wickett.

In hour 2, Matt Black from Coldcut interviews Machinedrum about his new album Vapor City. We get to hear tracks from the album and Machinedrum talks about the concept behind it. They also discuss his musical upbringing, collaborations with other artists and we listen to five tracks that have influenced him over the years, with music from Tortoise, Push Button Objects, Philip Glass, Lightning Bolt and DJ Nate.