Solid Steel Radio Show

This week (18th to 25th) Strictly Kev kicks off with an hour of splendid covers of the known and the not so known variety, beginning with a suite of clapping songs and a trio of Depeche Mode versions. Then it's a brief string interlude in a Dr. Who/Beyonce style before making way for a reggae hip hop set and a little bit of political debate, just to get the mind working! This is an all encompassing opening hour, we recommend you have a bowl of corn flakes before you embark on this journey into the broadest beats. Strictly genius! Into hour two and we're going back, right back to when the M25 was not such a bad place and white gloves and florescent workers jackets were acceptable! Yes, calling all ravers! The guest mix comes from Croatian DJ Qwerty, just push the furniture back, get sweaty and name check all those classics that we still seem to love so much. It's taken from the radio show Prikjucak on Radio Rijeka and features plenty of early nineties house and jungle to blow your speakers, along with some more recent Warp and Rephlex releases. An action packed show if ever there was one. Enjoy!