Starkey - 'Open The Pod Bay Doors' Out Now

Starkey's debut EP for Ninja Tune, Open The Pod Bay Doors, is out now on 12" vinyl and download.

Continuing Ninja Tune's fine run of EP's this year, Open The Pod Bay Doors is the kind of transcendental, melodic and immaculately produced music that sees Starkey fit in nicely within the label's roster. The EP is a good example of Starkey's (aka PJ Geissinger from Philadelphia) multifaceted and genre-crossing talents as a producer that have been gaining much acclaim ever since his 2005 debut.

Open The Pod Bay Doors is out now and the Ninjashop and iTunes. Watch the video for the title track below.

Starkey has also put together a mix for Kiss 100, which will air tonight at 1am. Head over to tonight to listen in!