Statement on 'The North Borders' Early Digital Release

We regret to announce that The North Borders by Bonobo was leaked on 21 March by a volunteer (name withheld) who removed a promo copy of the album without permission from SYN FM radio station in Melbourne, Australia. We received this message from him today:

"I’m responsible for leaking the Bonobo album The North Borders. At the time I did not fully comprehend the consequences of taking this action, and now I realise the seriousness of it and the fact I have hurt many people. SYN FM had nothing to do with my callous decision. I sincerely apologise to Bonobo, Ninja Tune and all those involved."

We released the album digitally on the Ninjashop, iTunes and other digital retailers yesterday so that people who wish to obtain The North Borders legitimately need not wait longer than those who choose to contribute nothing to the creation of the album.