Sticky - 'Cutting Shapes' Out Now

Sticky returns with Cutting Shapes, his first full single on Big Dada, and it's a banger. Continuing to draw on the energy and style of the new post-Funky urban house scene, where it's not enough to jiggle around with saucer-eyes but props are given for an ability to actually dance, Sticky brings us the anthem "Cutting Shapes." Featuring blazing vocals from pocket-sized diva Lamahra StarrSticky gives us what he does every single time he releases a record - meticulously engineered, funky, funny, good-time music that will have club crowds going nuts and which sounds both classic and absolutely fresh and of the moment.

Often the status "legendary" is only bestowed upon an artist after he or she has reached her peak. In Sticky's case, with a new album deal and a series of mind-blowing collaborations lined up, the peak is very much yet to come.

Cutting Shapes is out now & available to buy at the Ninjashop & iTunes.