The Death Set - 'Can You Seen Straight?' Out Now

The next single to be taken from The Death Set's new album Michel Poiccard is a perfect slice of pop infused punk all about, in the words of lead singer Jonny Siera, “unrelenting chaos every night. Getting ridiculous and getting in the van and doing it again (and again...) Sent us kind of insane in the end.”

Nadastrom lead out the remixes, taking the 80s aesthetic in a different direction, re-imagining the original as epic "Moombahton" electro-pop. In demand NYC remixers Designer Drugs take “They Come To Get Us” and make it sound like a girl group getting off with the Prodigy, whilst Nadus & Steel take the same tune and turn it into crisp trouble-funk New Jersey based Club music. The band themselves round out the package with both an extended club version (surely one of the band’s longest tracks ever, weighing in at over 5 minutes!) and the original lo-fi punk version.

Can You Seen Straight? is available now at the Ninjashop and iTunes. The album Michel Poiccard is also available in limited numbers of vinyl here.

The video holds true to the theme of movement and travel. Shot mostly in two of the band’s favorite cities, Brooklyn and Paris, it juxtaposes beautiful shots of those cities with crazy live footage and "the various mischief the double headed tiger spirit of Death Set gets into." Check it out below.