The Majesticons - Bedford Park

And yea there was the original Infesticon, Crispus Jebbediah Akimbo 9 and yea he smashed up many a 18th century Majestics in petticoats, took on single handedly the secret Majesticons society, the 'Attitude Dandies,' and sent their post-tawny red hides back to the Lilly Puffs. And yea for this and many other low-key-yet pimp-like exploits, a statue was erected in his honor where Bedford Park meets the Grand and looks south. And yea this is where we rallied no less than 200 plus years later and lead-knuckled the Majesticons' feathery pomps once again. And though we band boys skipped the to-do, yea we stand before SlickCrispus alive.