The Long Lost Debut Album

"The Long Lost" is the sound of love - on so many levels and in so many ways that it's hard to list them. From opening single "The Art of Kissing," the mood is set. Acoustic guitar, brushed drums, Laura on lead vocals, Alfred backing up on choruses. It's a flexible format, held together by the simplicity and beauty of Laura Darlington's voice - uninflected, almost matter of fact, but full of a strange kind of magic. The Long Lost consists of high-school-sweethearts turned husband-&-wife Alfred (a.k.a. Daedelus) and Laura Darlington. Both hail from Santa Monica, California, where they met in the high school orchestra - he on double-bass and she on flute - and became partners in the ballroom dance club. A fascinating and utterly individual project, The Long Lost take the subject of love away from the cliches and hackneyed wailing of the mainstream and reconnect it to those strange and uncontrollable emotions we're all so in thrall to. Available now, buy from the Ninjashop. Listen to the album here and join the mailing list here to receive info about forthcoming releases and tours. The Long Lost will be doing a European tour taking this beautiful album on the road which includes husband-&-wife Alfred (Voice, Guitar) and Laura Darlington (Voice, Flute), joined on stage by Amir Yaghmai (Violin) & Jonathan Larroquette (Electronics), aka electronic duo Jogger.For a full list of dates see here.