The Selector Strikes Back

This weekend the Selector deal strikes back with a vengence. Plenty of great release at cut prices to keep you happy. As always you should know how it workd but for all the Selector virgins out there, this is how it goes. Choose any of the releases below for only £7.50 - yes thats right, only £7.50. If that doesn't tickle your fancy then buy 3 for just £15 - even better. As always, this is for a limited time only so it might be wise to pick them up early. Kid Koala 'Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs' Buy Here Treva Whateva 'Musics Made Of Memories' Buy Here Infinate Livez 'Bush Meat' Buy Here V/A 'Funkungfusion' Buy Here One Self 'Children Of Possibility' Buy Here V/A 'Extra Yard' Buy Here