Two Of Dem Downloads

The all new download singles from Lotek Hi-Fi and Part 2 are out today, and Available from Big Dada downloads and all good sites right now. Part 2's revenge remix of 'One of Dem Days' is a logical progression from Live From The Breadline; searing, encompassing but standing all on it's own. Maybe the only difference here is the aggression in the production, the perfect foil to the ever brilliant Fallacy's upbeat vocal concerns. Backed up with a Rick Witter (yes, you heard it right!) revox of Take Ur Time, it seems Part's invented Geezer Garage overnight. Lotek Hi-Fi's 'Move Your Thing' is literally a three and a half minute party-in-a-box. It has expensive drinks, dancing, flirting, monumental bass, and even taxis to and from the venue. Including three remixes and a dub of 'Sticks and Stones,' Wayne Paul's moment of vocal glory from the album, it's the musical equivalent to visiting four amazing parties in one night, and being sung a masterful lullaby as you finally crash out.