Wiley - 'Scar / Money Man' Out Now

Wiley & Mark Pritchard's new single Scar / Money Man is out now.

In 2008, after the huge success of Wearing My RolexWiley skipped off a tour in Australia and instead hung out with Mark Pritchard for a couple of weeks, recording in his studio. The results were "Scar” and “Money Man,” two low-slung, loping pieces of electronic nastiness from the Warp-signed mastermind of projects as diverse as his Harmonic 313 guise and his work as Africa HitechWiley, meanwhile, freed from the straitjacket of trying to rap in a way acceptable to the higher powers of playlist, allows his thoughts to run free, making unlikely connections and strange juxtapositions – the most natural street surrealist since Sal Dali.

For this 12”, as well as offering up the original instrumentals, Pritchard has hooked up a Harmonic 313 remix of “Money Man” that pays homage to the early roots of grime (and in particular, Wiley's own Eski productions) while losing none of his own muscular futurism.

Wiley & Mark Pritchard's new single Scar / Money Man is out today and available to buy on 12" vinyl and DL now at the Ninjashop.