Adventures in Foam

Cujo —
Adventures in Foam


Released 20/05/2002

Although Amon Tobin has been called Amon Tobin from birth, before he was Amon Tobin the producer, he was Cujo. In 1996 he released a record called 'Adventures In Foam' through small-but-hip south London label Ninebar. It was around this time that he also signed to the mighty Ninja Tune under his own name and started growing into the international star-shaped creature that he is today.

Ninebar eventually went the way of many small independents who release great records but struggle to build an audience for them. Amon as we know, went onward and ever upward. But the fact remains that 'Adventures In Foam' was a fantastic record, one that deserved to be heard, so when Ninja were offered an opportunity to re-release it, they jumped at the chance. Not least, because a rather unscrupulous company in the States have been circulating a version of the record with a changed tracklist, different (and unapproved) cover art and mis-titled tracks.

So Ninja's version is on two cds. The first disc contains the definitive version of 'Adventures In Foam' as it was released by Ninebar. The second disc contains a number of tracks from Ninebar singles including the all-time classic 'Brazilianaire', bonus tracks from the vinyl version of the album plus three previously unreleased tracks from the same period.

All of Amon's trademarks are here - the interest in jazz, the queasy atmospherics, the cut up beat-making. And while it is interesting and informative to hear how his style has developed, make no mistake - 'Adventures In Foam' stands as a great record in its own right.

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