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  • "@DeadStockGrimeT in the beginning when itsur hobby yhget urself on loads of non paying gigsBut at this lev?Only1offs 4mates tbh not evryweek"

    Fri Nov 27 12:02:36 2015
  • "@DeadStockGrimeT u see it? And most of those aren't even on the line up but continue to dun out their voices for free ... Smh"

    Fri Nov 27 12:01:11 2015
  • "@DeadStockGrimeT u won't need to be booked .. Why Wud promoters book u if hey know ur just always on their stages for free ? Air"

    Fri Nov 27 11:56:37 2015
  • "@DeadStockGrimeT not saying don't b out there duppyin but if ur not on the official lineup&every week u jumpinup&spittin? Like y?"

    Fri Nov 27 11:56:04 2015
  • "@DeadStockGrimeT once u become too regular... The anticipation to see u dwindles to an all time LOW"

    Fri Nov 27 11:54:13 2015

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