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Pest began life as Spynaworkshop at the end of the 90s in a rush of post-dance comedown. This workshop used computers to write music but also got into instrumental overdubs, something which found ever increasing presence on their early independent releases as time & affordable technology advanced.. It was off the back of the last \'Pest\' 12\" that they were signed to Ninja Tune. In 2003 they released a handful of limited pressings and their first long-player 'Necessary Measures' to great acclaim. Now the live machine shifted up a gear, adventuring onto the road and into the studio, leading up to the release of their second album \"All Out Fall Out\" two years later. By this point they had earned a reputation for their blistering live performances, particularly in France, where the festival scene went wild for the unique Pest party sound.

In 2006 MC Saffrolla parted company with Pest to pursue his solo project. Now the band could re-focus on a more dancefloor-driven sound, leaving behind the hiphop cult of personality to write a lorryload of insanely-fresh tunes!

The band members are: Thomas Marriott, a hardy \'bone blower and band leader; Matthew Chandler, a beyond-jazz-guitarist just as wildly diverse as Wayne Urquhart, who could play just about anything he liked if he weren't so hot on cello. Benjamin Mallott is a gadget-laden keyboard tweaker and a writer, as is every member of this truly democratic collective.. apart from Vesa Happenin, their long-term session drummer, keeping all the live shows locked down tight with his relentlessly rocksteady beats! The band have recently introduced their own voices to the mix here and there, expect to hear some harmonious hooks, with communal tongue firmly in communal cheek, naturally..

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