Released 07/10/2013

One of the most exciting and singular voices in electronic music, Raffertie returns with a new single. Rain shows a more intimate, reflective side to his debut album Sleep of Reason. Pitchfork recently declared that "his vocal tunes are blessed with simple, hooky phrases, lines that seem to curl around corners with a luxurious momentum... breathtaking.".

Rain is a perfect example of this, a 21st Century blues that beautifully expresses both the painful melancholy and uplifting freedom inherent in a parting of ways.

With LA's musical experimenter, Brainfeeder's Teebs, turning in a haunting, textural remix, the single package also includes two original Raffertie songs from the album. "Back of the Line"s' re-wiring of soaring gospel-tinged vocals to yearning electronic drama is reminiscent of Depeche Mode. Closing song "Black Rainbow" also harks back to the best of the '80s, and that decade's pioneers' ability to marry emotional power to electronic music. There are echoes of Kate Bush in the song, but ultimately, Raffertie's voice is every bit his own.

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