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Brazilian-born Amon Tobin first emerged between 1994-1995 with a string of 12" singles on a small London-based record label called 9Bar Records. The album that followed, 'Adventures In Foam', paved the way for a whole generation of electronic productions and prompted his signing to the prodigious Ninja Tune in 1996. He has since gone on to record seven critically- acclaimed albums under his own name on Ninja that have since helped define the label as a force in musical innovation and diversity. In addition, Amon has produced a small number of radically diverse original scores ranging from George Palfi's cult cinema oddity 'Taxidermia' to Tom Clancy's video game blockbuster 'Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory'.

The depth and scope of Amon Tobin's work have had a far-reaching influence, garnering respect amongst producers and artists both within and outside electronic music. Whether with the classical avant garde Kronos Quartet or D'n'B legends Noisia, or on his own in some invented form, Amon has established a reputation for musical ingenuity that is unconfined by genre. Over a fifteen-year-long career Amon Tobin remains among one of the most visionary electronic artists of a generation.

The 2007 album 'Foley Room' explored the role of found sound in modern day music. Documented on film, the process of recording minute insects to lions, wolves, engines and foley performances culminated in a much- lauded performance at the birthplace of musique concrete, the GRM Theatre in Paris. More recently, the famed London Metropolitan Orchestra performed selected works from a cross-section of his musical repertoire at the Royal Albert Hall. The performance included a piece from his forthcoming studio album due for release in early 2011.

Amon Tobin will release 3 albums in 2011: a radical new studio album entitled 'ISAM', a new Two Fingers album, and an album of remixes of his 'Chaos Theory' soundtrack work.

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