Motorcycle 666 / Rock Solid

Pop Levi
Motorcycle 666 / Rock Solid


Released 04/07/2011

Recently anointed by NME as a true cult hero, injecting some much needed fun into the boring world of rock, the one and only Pop Levi returns with a new single, a new band and a whole new life. Having scrapped release plans for his now-much-bootlegged Smack Musick album, Pop Levi returns from outer/inner space with this crazed fuzz-fest of a double A-side Single. 

Once again based in the UK after a long sojourn in California, Pop continues to make outlandish, Bolan-influenced blues, stringing sexual innuendo and, more often, outtuendo togther like a man counting his girl’s anal beads (she has a lot). Recorded in a mountain-top converted barn in Norway, with accompanying video directed by William Overby, "Motorcycle 666" is "about a girl that's a bike that's had her soul stolen by Lucifer". Frrrreaky. “Rock Solid,” already featured as a 'Track Of The Week' in NME, was recorded at Pop's infamous White Arc studio in Los Angeles. Classic hand-clapped sex'n'rock'n'roll re-booted for the 21st century, the song features Levi's most outrageous vocal performance to date. Killer-lightning guitars, spastic bass and the most psychedelic bridge since Prince ate the spirit of Hendrix.

Both ahead of his time and out of time, Pop Levi is ready to finally reap the plaudits for his unique, twisted rock vision.

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