Sun Too Bright Turn It Off

Sun Too Bright Turn It Off


Released 24/10/2011

Slugabed, otherwise known as 22-year old Greg Feldwick, is back with the Sun Too Bright Turn It Off EP, his second for Ninja Tune. It follows unanimous praise for his first Ninja Tune release Moonbeam Rider, and is the next step on the way to a highly anticipated debut album in 2012. STBTIO is an instrumental EP, at once complex, deep, thoughtful and above all distinctive. It channels the energy of the best of today's bass music, through spacey bleeps and meditative melodies to explore the outermost reaches of electronic music making today.

Slugabed also happens to be one of only a handful of producers to have successfully remixed Roots Manuva’s "Witness" (for Ninja Tune XX), with the instrumental also finding its way into Roots Manuva live sets. The Slugabed remix is also a standout on the upcoming Get To Get single by Roots Manuva, showcasing once again his talents as a producer for MCs.

Slugabed is the kind of maverick electronic free spirit that has found a perfect home on Ninja Tune; cherish and support a man on the rise.

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