Got It

Bang On!
Got It


Released 20/06/2011

The twenty year old scally genius returns on a hard hip hop beat courtesy of the appropriately-named Liverpool production hermit Reklews. Reminiscent of classic, bass-heavy hip hop at its very best (think "Shook Ones"), Bang On! uses "Got It" to spray a series of increasingly surreal and stinky barbs at an "X Factor" generation who think they're something special without having any real idea what that might mean. Funny, scabrous and rude, Bang On! proves that the off-kilter imagery, humour and good-natured aggression he showcased on “Hands High” was no fluke.

The song's impact is enhanced by a fantastic video in which world leaders carry young Bang On! on their shoulders and his quickfire splatter-wit is brought to multi-coloured life with a little help from the good people at Gonzo World. Directed by Jamie Roberts at Pulse Films, the video is a barrage of quick cuts, bright colours and funny images – a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it parade of lyrical interpretations. 

The package is rounded out by remixes from Martelo, Show N Prove and Cesare vs Disorder. The first takes selected lyrics out clubbing, the second emphasises the links to classic hip hop, and the third brings out the funk, “Berlin Warrior” style!

With an album to follow early next year, Bang On! is already proving to be a name to watch out for, someone who comes raw and in-ya-face but with a deep intelligence and wit backing up every move he makes. He may not know what it is, he may not even believe it exists, but he’s still got it…

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