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Sun Ra once spoke a future where the mere thought of a place would take somebody there. In the past future of today, Ras G explores space and time through his ancient/futuristic music. Dusty, ethereal and bugged out, the Crate Creator's beats bring the past to the future. Back On The Planet, _G's first Brainfeeder release in years, finds the blunted master of the beat guiding his Afrikan Space Program further out than ever. 

Since his arrival on the planet, Ras G has called Los Angeles his base. Growing in South Central, _G was tapping into his innate knowledge while having the earthly experience of living in the "ghetto." Gravitating towards the turntables early, _G spent formative years DJing spots like Project Blowed and Five On The Black Hand Side in Leimert Park until his cousin Wolverine introduced him to the SP-1200 and thoughts of production became realities. Equally informed by the looped-up dust of classic boom-bap and the avant-garde esotericism of free jazz, _G began paving his own path in the beats. He cut his teeth in the early days of Low End Theory and in precursor nights like JuJu and Sketchbook. Day long hangouts at record spots like Aaron's (RIP) and Poo Bah's laid the foundation for projects, live experimentations and new experiences. A key pillar in the Los Angeles community, _G is the power-forward of the Brainfeeder crew, down since day one. 

After amassing a sizable discography of 7"s, EPs and digital releases on a host of platforms, Ras G & The Alkebulan Space Program are Back On The Planet for their most complete demonstration to date. The countless nights at SpaceBase behind the MPC and SP-303 have seen _G come fully into his own. On this project past experiments in chest-rattling bass, terse loops and bugged-out field noise come full circle. Ancient Afrikan poly-drum rhythms meet outer-synth splashes of white noise and intuitive experimentation meld with deep sub-harmonics for an otherworldly experience. "Asteroid Storm" captures the pulsating energy of The ASP's live demonstrations while "Natural Melanin Being..." finds _G's Uncle Ra sharing a few words of wisdom that go very well with the therapeutic tones of the meditative "All Is Well...". Back On The Planet is The ASP at it's most confident, shedding all barriers for an open and honest manifestation. Drawing from a source beyond the ego and dealing with the eternal, Ras G & The Ancient Space Program are a cosmic outfit, eternally elsewhere but always in tune. 

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Ras G - Ras G Announces Worldwide Tour

The BRAINFEEDER artist is on the road this month heading to Japan, Russia and Europe over the course of four weeks supporting his recent LP Back On The Planet See full tour dates here.

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Bonobo, Ras G - 'The North Borders' & 'Back On The Planet' up for Best Art Vinyl 2013

This week the nominations for Best Art Vinyl 2013 have been unveiled and we're pleased to see Bonobo and Ras G are in the running with The North Borders and Back On The Planet - show your support and vote here!

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Ras G - 'Back On The Planet' Out Now

Ras G's new album Back On The Planet is out now on Brainfeeder and available to purchase on heavyweight 2LP, CD and download from the Ninjashop, iTunes and Amazon.

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Ras G - 'Back On The Planet' Full Album Stream via SPIN

Ras G & The Alkebulan Space Program are Back On The Planet for their most complete demonstration to date and now, a week before it drops on Brainfeeder, you can stream the full 16 tracks over on SPIN.

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