Magpies, Maps and Moons

DJ Food
Magpies, Maps and Moons


Released 07/11/2011

Finishing the trilogy of EPs started in 2009 with One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World and The Shape of Things That Hum, comes Magpies, Maps and Moons. Another five track 12", wrapped in a poster cover by 2000ad comic artist Henry Flint, and featuring more collaborations to add to the growing Food roster. 

In vocal form we have JG Thirlwell - aka Foetus, Steroid Maximus and Manorexia amongst many others - providing a vocal for the lead track, "Prey". Having been a fan of JG's work since the late 80's this was a dream come true for Strictly Kev who remixed a Foetus track for free, alongside Amon Tobin on 2002's Blow album for Thirlwell, on the provision that they collaborate in the future. 

The other collaboration comes from London resident Aaron Thomason aka 2econd Class Citizen on the 11 minute plus audio montage, "Magpie Music". The two met up earlier this year after Kev had raved about Aaron's debut LP A World Without on Germany's Equinox label. Rather than sit down and work on a single song the pair decided to swap samples and create short pieces in isolation before comparing and critiquing them, then remixing and working them into a long form piece. 

All this, with various tracks from the previous EPs, will add up to the album, The Search Engine, released in Jan 2012, which cherry picks the best 10 tracks, remixing or editing them along the way, and adds a final collaboration to boot.

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Percussion Map (Parts 1 & 2)
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Discovery Workshop
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Magpie Music (feat. 2econd Class Citizen)
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In Orbit Every Monday
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