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Coming on like a cross between John Hendricks, Lord Buckley, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony and a TV continuity announcer, Busdriver is one of the most original voices in hip hop today.

As a performer, Busdriver grew out of the LA Underground scene based around the Goodlife Café that also nurtured the Freestyle Fellowship, the Pharcyde, Jurassic 5, Abstract Rude and many, many more.

A frequent collaborator with many of Los Angeles' hiphop elite, Busdriver has worked with Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Mikah-9, 2Mex, Xololanxinxo, Fat Jack, Daddy Kev, Paris Zax, Omid and Nocando.

His 2002 self-released album "Temporary Forever" made it into many underground hip hopper's records of the year (with the Village Voice describing his rap styles as "a syncopated giggle") and it was closely followed by his collaboration with producer Daedalus and Radioinactive as The Weather on Mush.

Since then he has collaborated with Awol One on "Slanguage," worked with Daddy Kev on "Cosmic Cleavage," released "Fear Of A Black Tangent" via Big Dada and Mush plus put out two albums via Epitaph, "RoadKillOvercoat" and "Jhelli Bean." In between, he's guested all over the place, toured like a lunatic, formed the band Physical Forms and generally made himself heard.

And every the he comes through with a unique mixture of humour, discrete social commentary and snapping on the pretensions and foolishness of both those around him and himself:

"I don't love hip hop.
I don't even like it.
Let me break it down into its smallest form for everyone in your college dorm.
I don't love it,  I don't dedicate hours every day to writing sappy poetry in its name.
Okay, maybe I do."
- "Rap Sucks"

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Busdriver Shares "LIKES&VIEWS", Hellfyre Club US Tour Kicks Off

Busdriver drops a new track celebrating the first gig of many on the Hellfyre Club Dorner Vs. Tookie stateside tour tomorrow. Find a gig near you here.

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New Hellfyre Club Video: "DVT"

Busdriver returns with fellow LA-residents Nocando, Open Mike Eagle and milo aka Hellfyre Club, to drop the brand new video for Dorner Vs. Tookie title track "DVT".

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Busdriver Covers Drake "Worse", Pitchfork Review

Big Dada's been astir with Busdriver's brilliant and unexpected off-kilter cover of Drake "Worst Behaviour" and this week we've spotted high praise for the track over on Pitchfork - read the review here.

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New 'Dorner Vs. Tookie' Video

Peep the brand new "Barbs Over Breakfast Scones" video from LA's Busdriver, his solo track taken from the Dorner Vs. Tookie mixtape.

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  • "Jodorowsky. He never turned his voice off https://t.co/mcYVDULpW8"

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  • "people need these new Hellfyre songs. they all have magical floating digital coins within them. #hellfyreclub"

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