Gunshotta Ave.

Gunshotta Ave.


Released 14/10/2013

In September 2013, Electronic music's Renaissance man Travis Stewart, better known as Machinedrum, releases his biggest and boldest release to date - Vapor City.  

The latest glimpse into Stewart's imaginary world arrives with "Gunshotta", the theme song to the Gunshotta Ave. district of Vapor City - leading off the album as its first track and doubling up as its second single after "Eyesdontlie". The Gunshotta Ave. EP features remixes by Fracture and AMIT in addition to "Stirrin" - an original track not featured on the album. Lead track "Gunshotta" was premiered first by BBC Radio One's Zane Lowe, who named "Gunshotta" his 'Next Hype' record.

Simply put by Machinedrum himself, "Gunshotta" is the theme for the Gunshotta Ave. district of Vapor City. Filled with crime, paranoia and darkness, Gunshotta Ave is a street you don't want to walk down alone."

Vapor City is Machinedrum's first full-length offering since his critically-heralded Room(s) in 2011. Between now and then, his output has been an unrelenting stream of versatility with skillful releases on LuckyMeHotflush (as Sepalcure), and the dancefloor blitzkrieg known as JETS - his most recent partnership with frequent collaborator Jimmy Edgar - among other releases, collaborations, and remixes that have kept him always one step ahead of the bunch with fans and music critics eagerly awaiting his next vision.

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