Deco Child


Released 09/01/2012

Twenty two year old Alex Lloyd (aka Deco Child) was walking through Battersea one day, looking at the ground, when in front of him, scraped into the pavement with the edge of a coin, he saw the word, “PRAY”. As well as inspiring the track of the same name, it stands as a fitting metaphor for what the electronic musician does – scratching away at the edifices of recorded music to express emotion, exhilaration, devotion. 

Deco Child makes beautiful, emotional electronic music. “Pray” itself is blessed with a swelling sense of euphoria, tinged with a kind of wonder that will remind you of heart-quickening revelations made behind a 2 a.m. cigarette.

With a strong focus on melody that places his sound in the company of Four Tet and Floating Points, Deco Child has already remixed Dan Le Sac and counts These New Puritans amongst his fans. This, his first release for Ninja Tune, showcases the breadth and range of his musical referents and bodes well for his forthcoming debut album in 2012.

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Deco Child


Deco Child

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