Released 01/07/2013

Emika returns with her latest single 'Centuries.' Urgent and infectious, with a driving 4/4 beat and cutting edge synth sound design, the song grips the ear entirely and never lets go. A perfect example of Emika's myriad sensibilities - '80s pop, edgy US R&B, dubstep depth and electronic bass mastery all meet here. This is the second single from new album 'Dva' and it further illustrates her insanely unique musical talents. The album is entirely written, recorded, produced by Emika and features Bomb Squad legend Hank Shocklee as Executive Producer. The single package includes the elemental, soon to be classic, 'After the Fall,' and Eskort's klaxon-call insistent, dancefloor re-working of Centuries itself. 

'Centuries is my electronic rebel song in response to a stale attitude' adds Emika, '...it is about the burden of time and history on creativity.' With a passion for creating bold video art as well, Emika collaborated with director Matt Lambert for the Centuries music video, their third collaboration for the Dva project. 

With a dramatic and show stopping performance at the recent MUTEK festival, the Dva world tour is on the road with more dates being added. Make sure to experience the album live when it comes near you! 

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